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John and I would LOVE to hear from you – drop us a note if you’d like.

Here is my email address: email-address

I’ve put it in as a bitmap so you can’t just click on it – but you can type it into your email system.

Anyway – thanks for having a look at our website. We had the trip of a lifetime driving the CreamyTreats and we talk about it frequently. Hopefully some day we can make a trip back to the Gambia and hunt down the CreamyTreats…

Thanks – best wishes

Dan Clemens

You can also find us at these other websites:

NuEra Heat – our business turning used/waste oil into heat. Check us out ! – click here to go see the site

Motobrothers – a blog of our 17,000+ mile trip on motorcycles from Seattle, WA to¬†Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego… the southernmost city in the world. click here to see the site.