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Even though this trip occurred about a million years ago (2004/2005) we’ve kept the site pretty close to what we originally did in those days.

Just a reference for us and some of the other folks that went on the trip with us –

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Dan and John Clemens, brothers who are originally from Rochester, MN, are getting ready for the ride of their lives.

They have been accepted to participate in thePlymouth/Dakar Challenge 2004/2005 . The “Challenge” is to acquire a vehicle in England for about £100 (about $180) – get it ready for the trip and drive it about 3,800 miles thru France, Spain, Morroco, Maurantaina, Senegal, and finally ending the trip in Banjul, Gambia. The route also includes about 400 miles of off-road travel through the Sahara Desert.

To make it more interesting, they’ve decided to take the trek via a 1971 Bedford Ice Cream Van.